Canine companions are stars in the headlines

Albert Rizzi of New York was escorted off a US Airways plane in Philadelphia last Wednesday night, Nov. 13, with his guide dog, Doxy. According to CNN, other passengers on board became outraged with the flight-crew’s treatment of Rizzi. The flight was cancelled due to “safety concerns” regarding the angered passengers. Rizzi says he is considering a law-suit.

World Vets, a non-profit organization that provides care to animals in developing countries is sending help to the animals affected by Typhoon Haiyan. According the the organization’s website, on-the-ground teams, veterinary supplies and financial support are being sent in response to the devastating typhoon.

To help find a cure for canine cancer the  Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) Pet Trust has created a new video inspired by the 1985 song, “We Are the World.” The video features a group of dogs all silently barking to the tear-jerking tune. Every donation made to the Pet Trust goes to fighting the disease which kills one out of four dogs (


One thought on “Canine companions are stars in the headlines

  1. Loving the site. The pictures are fantastic and you have a great variety of dog related news stories. Thanks for sharing! I like the diversity of this post–all three news stories are interesting. I can’t believe the one about Albert Rizzi and his dog. I’d like to say I would be one of those passengers following him off the plane. Excited to see what you post next!

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