Instead of Life Insurance, Get a Dog

Last week, Jessica Cowley was out for a walk with her one-year-old son when her guide-dog saved the infant from a reckless vehicle. 

Cowley, who lives in Lancashire, United Kingdom, has tunnel vision and is legally blind. When the car uncontrollably sped toward the trio, Cowley’s guide dog, Jet, instinctively reacted to the oncoming vehicle.

Jet pushed the infant, who was in a stroller, out of the vehicle’s path heroically risking his life to save the infant.

Another family dog protected an infant and proved his bite was worse than his bite last week in Charleston, South Carolina.

A 22-year-old woman who abused the baby she watched, was arrested all thanks to the dog.

When the family dog started acting aggressively towards the caretaker, the parents decided to fetch the answer to their dog’s aggression and were horrified to discover their son was being abused.

Shortly after the shocking discovery, police were alerted and the caretaker was arrested.

Bonnie, a deaf English Springer Spaniel in Salem, Ore., helped stop an intruder in her family’s home early last Saturday morning.

Bonnie could smell the burglar and instead of barking like most guard-dogs, began to excitedly run around the home.

This strange behavior awakened her owner, Dan Strasser, who got out of bed to find the intruder in the living room.

Strasser was then able to trap the thief in the home’s garage until police arrived and then arrested the man.


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